Brutal Chess Alpha 0.52

Fast-paced and challenging electronic version of the classic game

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    Checkers & Chess

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    Alpha 0.52

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    Windows ME / Windows 98 SE / Windows 98 / Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows 95

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  • Program license:Free
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    6.0 (148)

Everyone's familiar with the classic strategy game Chess, but has anyone tried a smooth-running, aesthetic 3D Chess program before? There is no need to look around for one anymore! Brutal Chess is perfect for anyone trying to add an additional dimension of realism to their digital chess games.

What does the Brutal Chess program offer me in terms of gameplay quality?

Brutal Chess, contrary to its name, has not a trace of brutality in its system. In fact, its user interface and graphical design offers a quality and aesthetic that is the exact opposite of its name. With a dark background and polished board that you can focus on, the user is immediately launched into the world of the Chess game. The pieces all have realistic lighting and a shiny gloss to them. Their reflections and shadows show perfectly in the green-and-white checkered board. The pieces themselves are sleekly designed, opaque and clearly distinguished from each other. One would think that a 3D board in the context of a computer screen might be unnecessary or confusing, but Brutal Chess allows your to fully enjoy the pleasures of a realistic Chess game without all the physical pieces or the setup.

You can expect of Brutal Chess what you expect already of 2D Chess programs. In addition to its solid graphics, Brutal Chess explicitly outlines the previous move made by a user through a white line and arrow over the path that a piece has took. For example, you would see an L-shaped pattern for horses and a diagonal pattern for bishops after either you or an opponent has made a play. This adds to the already present clarity of the game's visuals.

Despite these glowing qualities, Brutal Chess is still in development. This means that a lot of the software may be glitchy and contain some bugs. On occasion, the game may freeze or take a long time to let a user execute a move. A user may experience significant lags in performance if their operating system cannot handle the processing needs that are required to generate and maintain the 3D environment of the game. Sometimes when taking back a move, the white player's pawn is not allowed to proceed. Small inefficiencies such as these lower the quality of the program. However, recent patches to the game offer a solution to these annoying issues.

In addition to the list of upcoming fixes, the proposed implementation of the Free Internet Chess Server (FICS) by the developers will give users more functionality and fun to anticipate. The inclusion of FICS in Brutal Chess will allow thousands of casual players to directly challenge each other to a 3D Chess duel. You can play with your family, friends, associates, and anyone from across the world as long as they have an Internet connection and Brutal Chess installed. Brutal Chess has a bright future in terms of its development potential.


  • Amazing graphics for an age-old strategy game!
  • Easy to follow and organize moves.
  • Pieces are clearly shown.


  • The software is still in its development stages.
  • The current software has the potential to lag.
  • Some positions cannot be reversed due to bugs in the game.

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